Indoor Track Information


  • Track Length 20 - 120 m
  • Track Width 3 - 5 m
  • Age Range 3 + Years
  • Karts Sodi Kid Racer


  • Track Length 80 - 200 m
  • Track Width 5 - 7 m
  • Age Range 8 + Years
  • Karts Sodi LRX / LR5


  • Track Length No limits
  • Track Width 6+ Meters
  • Age Range 13 + Years
  • Karts Sodi RT10 / RSX

Track Types


Track Length 20m – 120m
Track Width 3m – 5m
Age Range 3 + Years
Karts Sodi Kid Racer



Track Length 80m – 200m
Track Width 5m – 7m
Age Range 8 + Years
Karts Sodi LRX / LR5



Track Length 200m+
Track Width 5m – 8m
Age Range 13 + Years
Karts Sodi RSX / RT10



Track Length 200m+
Track Width 5m – 8m
Age Range 13 + Years
Karts Sodi RSX / RT10


Outdoor Track Information


Track Length 400m +
Track Width 7 - 12m
Age Range 3 + Years
Karts Sodi karts


Track Length 800m +
Track Width 7+ Meters
Age Range All Ages
Karts Sodi karts


Outdoor leisure karting has always been a hit with fast flowing corners fueling the adrenaline for speed. These circuits can be anything from small theme park circuits to internationally certified world championship venues.

Our strength is to be able to deliver all types of outdoor tracks and to make sure Internationally Certified tracks are not only great for races but also offering the best setup for leisure karting.


CIK International Karting Circuits are well known as the highest level of karting circuit worldwide.

A CIK karting circuit is a circuit which has been approved by the world motorsports association to certify that the circuit is to the highest safety levels which allows the venue to be able to hold international race events.


Karting Products

PSD supplies all relevant equipment needed for your karting project.

Fitting with your venue design we help to establish the most suitable equipment needed in order to help ensure ease of operations in a safe manor.

  • Race Barriers
  • Floor Resin
  • Track Marking
  • Safety Lights / Marshal Screens
  • Pit Lane Equipment
  • To Put Bridge Later (Build and Deactivate)

Race Barriers

We provide two types of race barriers, each carefully built and suited for versatility.

Single Karting Barrier System:

The single barrier system has a smooth and sleek design.

Double Karting Barrier System:

The double barrier system has been designed for expected high impact areas within tracks. This barrier gives additional absorption during direct head-on impacts and allows the energy to be absorbed by the barrier to reduce forces transmitted to the driver of the kart.

Floor Resin

Floor race flooring systems have been specifically designed and tested for the best look, feel and durability of your karting venue whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

For outdoor tracks, we successfully combine the safety aspect with a modern, trendy and very attractive aesthetic.
For indoor, we provide a long lasting, slick and trendy solution giving your venue the perfect aesthetic as well as reducing noise and tire consumption.

For indoor tracks, not only can we customise the colour, but we can also adapt the level of grip to the type of experience we are trying to create.


Track Marking

Precise race track marking to ensure a stand out appearance whilst following the correct requirements? We have that covered!

We are used to installing specific internationally certified starting grids, pre-grids, kerbs and run-off areas with options for various levels of grip depending on the track usage.

Safety Lights /
Marshal Screens

Communication with your guests is a key factor to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

We have options to suit your venue style and needs. This includes but is not limited too safety light signals, Marshal TV screens and/or gantry light systems with timing displays.

Pit Lane Equipment

To ensure fast, reliable and safe turn-around between sessions whilst ensuring equipment is well maintained and kept aesthetically pleasing we at PSD have created our own specific pit-lane equipment to ensure your venue has a smooth and safe flow.

Tecpro Barrier

The Tecpro Barrier system is a world leading system in the protection and safety for many types of motorsports which vary from Karting to F1. The patented concept of their safety barriers is composed of solidary blocks which allow for movement under impact giving ultimate absorption of the impact and stress from the vehicle and driver in outdoor circuits. For this reason, the system is used in many outdoor leisure and competition circuits worldwide.


Bridge Structures

Looking to create a Wow effect to your clients? Look no further than our multi-level track bridge structures. Our experience in the industry allows us to supply to you perfectly adapted ramps and structures which allow you to utilize your space more efficiently and create a more enjoyable experience for all guests!

PSD Barrier System

The barrier system has been developed by our in-house team of engineers. This system is specifically designed using high quality materials, including durable shock absorbers which can cater to high levels of impact.

Why our barrier system?

Narrow – Helps maximize track width and optimizes the best use of space

Smooth – Front surface of the barrier prevents abrasion against karts

Safe – Client safety is important; this is the safest barrier on the market due to the absorption materials used

Durable – Reducing the ‘wear and tear’ of the Karts, ultimately meaning a better, more cost-effective option for your track

Stable – Perfectly stable due to its strong floor anchoring system which guarantees a consistency in the track layout and in the aesthetic aspect over the years. This is also reducing tremendously the manpower requirement for barriers maintenance

Customizable – Color of the steel fixation posts is customizable. We can also offer a 15cm height personalized sticker kit on the non-impact zone of the barrier.

Additional Products


We can be involved with the supply, installation, configuration and training of the karts to ensure they are specifically tailored to your track layout and design accordingly.

Drivers Equipment

We can supply all relevant drivers equipment from helmets, custom race suits, gloves, balaclavas etc.

Timing Equipment

We are well equipped to supply, install and integrate the needed timing hardware and software to ensure ease of use.


We have our specifically designed furniture which can be supplied to help tailor your venue to have optimum flow of guests as well as strong, robust and elegant designs.