A Worldwide Leader in Karting and
Entertainment Services

PSD Entertainment is specialized in supplying turn-key solutions to help establish, build and grow entertainment / FEC venues worldwide.

Our impressive track record of projects that have been completed includes locations in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Projects achieved are meeting the highest level of international standards for certification or homologation purposes. PSD has a multi-international team that is especially skilled in:

  • Cad & 3D Design
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Project Management
  • FEC Operations
  • FEC Commercial Strategies
  • Technical / Mechanical

Feasibility Study

You have a project in mind, so you need to know:

– Is the entertainment mix adapted?
– Is it feasible and viable?
– What competition are you exposed to?
– You need visual materials with clear and realistic financial projections to present to venues, landlords, your management, investors or financial institutions.

We offer complete feasibility studies or specific packages tailored to your needs. Our experience will allow you to make the right decision based on realistic data and information.

Full Conceptual Design

Our in-house design team will design your venue to the best international standards.

It will allow optimization of each activity, but it will also ensure there is a perfect operational flow with staff efficiency between all different activities.

We provide detailed concept design plans for:

– General floor layouts of tracks and facilities
– Power, data and network layouts
– CCTV, sound system, lighting layouts
– Temperature & humidity requirements
– CAD multiple floor layouts
– CAD elevations and sections

Our design will not only create a WOW effect towards the guests, but it will also ensure best value for money, staff efficiency and maximum profitability.  

3D Renderings

We create detailed 3D models of your project based on your chosen theming, logo and validated floor plan.

The 3D Model will feature details of all activities and common areas.
It will be supported with detailed floor plans and sections showcasing the type of finishes for the walls, flooring and ceiling

Construction Involvement & Follow up

PSD makes sure to be involved in all stages of the construction phase ensuring that our design is implemented properly throughout. We work with you to help validate building materials ensuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of the project. Site visits are made from our side on a regular basis to ensure that all is as per plan and within the given time frame.

Equipment Supply

PSD supplies all equipment required for your entertainment facility which includes but is not limited to:

  • Karting Equipment
  • Laser Tag Equipment and Theming
  • Prison Island Equipment and Theming
  • Simulators
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Bowling
  • Soft Play
  • Ninja Course
  • Etc.

Specialist Support

We provide extended expert services to complete the success of your project through:

  • Staffing Support
  • Local Equipment Purchase
  • Commercial and Operation Strategy
  • Standard Operation Procedure


PSD has vast experience in shipping goods worldwide.

We help to guide you through the process and ensure the correct shipping procedures are put in place in a timely manner making sure that relevant and correct documentation is supplied.

Equipment Installation

We install the equipment we provide following the highest safety and operation standards.

We also configure the equipment according to the Commercial and Operation strategy selected.

Once configuration is completed, we proceed with testing and commissioning of relevant equipment

Staff Training

Operational training:

We ensure that staff are well trained which allows them to provide the best safety standards and be able to respect the operation procedures correctly which ensures guests enjoy the best possible entertainment experience.

Technical training:

We liaise with the technical team in order for them to gain full knowledge of the equipment and how they should maintain each individual product. This includes supply and review of maintenance manuals.

Venue Certification or Homologation


We have delivered projects certified by 3rd Party inspection bodies such as TUV and ECO.

These certifications have been issued following design, construction, documentation and operation process review in line with European or American standards.


We also obtained the highest level of homologation from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for a Karting track. Homologation gained allows for the highest level of race organization (World Championships) to be held.

Venue Growth & Support

After opening, we provide various types of professional support in order to assist you with either maintaining the highest operation standards, developing your commercial offer and revenue or maintaining the equipment.

We can also enter into broader agreements including all of these elements.